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We’re details people for details people. (And if you’re hiring a planner because you’re emphatically not a details person, we’ve got you covered, too.) When you work with Evermore, you have a small but dedicated team who will make sure you know what we’re doing, and what you need to do. Think planning checklists, monthly check-ins, and meticulous day-of timelines.

When it comes to your budget, we help you envision what you can realistically achieve. Together, we prioritize to create high-impact moments for guests while also focusing on what matters most to you as a couple. 

As we get closer to your wedding, we sit down with you to understand how you’d prefer to handle certain situations and offer suggestions on tricky etiquette matters or guests who need to be managed. 

Our goal is to know exactly what your call would be if something arises on the wedding day. If it does? We handle it so you can stay having a great time on the dance floor. 

01 of o5 |  Planning

Vintage stemware. Vegan-friendly catering. Late-night churros so guests can keep up their energy for more dancing. A wedding requires countless vendors, each with their own point of contact, contract, and timeline—not to mention questions.

We match you to trusted local vendors that can deliver the wedding experience you want, then handle the booking process so that all you need to do is sign on the dotted line. Once the vendor team is in place, we communicate regularly with them until your wedding, whether that’s answering a quick question on the phone or sitting down with them at an in-person meeting.

02 OF O5 | Sourcing

Lots of weddings have good food and great decor. Having a cohesive look, from the invitations to the place settings, the floral arch to the escort cards—that’s what will transform your day into an unforgettable celebration. Each wedding we design invokes all five senses for a truly luxurious feel.

Now, we’re not mind-readers, but we suspect we know what some of you are thinking. “I know what I like and don’t like, but I don’t have a vision.” Good news: we hold your hand through the process until we’ve coaxed an aesthetic out from you. We promise, we’ve done this before.

(And if you know exactly what you want? Beautiful. Let’s make it happen.)

03 OF O5 | Design

You didn’t necessarily think about how you’d need to rent bathrooms if you wanted to get married at your family’s estate—but we did. (And we know the best company for that, too.) 

Want to get married outside during tropical storm season? We’ll partner with a meteorologist to receive up-to-the-minute updates on rain patterns for your wedding day.

Logistics are the least sexy part of the whole planning process—but they are also the most important for your guests’ experience. We create extremely detailed timelines, layout, and decor production documents, coordinate transportation from the hotel to the venue, and make sure that the rentals company knows exactly where to drop off the linens.

04 OF O5 | Logistics

Long before the wedding weekend arrives, you have us in your pocket. One to two months before the event, we coordinate a final walkthrough of the venue alongside every necessary vendor, clipboard and all. We also send out a custom friends and family timeline to all your VIPs and coordinate the rehearsal, so that there are no surprises on the wedding day.

And once it’s showtime, we’re there with our headsets on, directing everything and everyone. Need someone to assign your uncle a Very Important Task to keep him out of trouble? Done. Maid of honor is MIA and your dress needs bustling? We’re on it. 

Even once the lights come back on and the guests are heading home (or to the after-party), we’re there. We make sure that the leftover cake is packaged up and sent home with your dad, and that the gift someone unexpectedly brought with them gets taken back to your suite at the hotel.

05 OF O5 | Production

Our Five-Step Process

Hear, Help, and Handle.

Our approach is simple:

— Zaynab A., Bride —

Her attention to detail, organization skills, and attentiveness made us feel so at ease. She went above and beyond and made sure we'd have the most beautiful wedding, exactly as we asked for.

"Hiring Carmen was one of the best and most important decisions we made for our wedding."

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