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What Is Wedding Management?

“Wedding Management.” You may have seen this on a number of wedding planner’s sites (hint hint – ours), but not known what it means. Wedding Management is the term for a wedding planner’s package that used to be called “Month-Of.” Why this trend? We’re breaking it down for you today.

The wedding industry is ever-changing, and with that comes new terminology. “Month-Of” coordination was the term used to describe the package where a wedding planner comes in about 1-2 months before your wedding day to help with the final details and execution. This typically includes things like finalizing vendor contracts, timelines, floor plans, and making sure everyone is on the same page leading up to and on your wedding day.

Why the shift to “Wedding Management?” We can’t speak for everyone, but our answer is two-fold.

  1. It’s More Inclusive: We do so much more than just coordinate! Sure, coordination is a big part of our job, but we also manage all the moving parts and pieces that go into making your wedding day run smoothly. We’re like the conductor of an orchestra – pulling all the different vendors and details together to create a cohesive wedding day experience for you and your guests. The term “Wedding Management” encompasses so much more than just coordination, and we think it’s a much better reflection of what we do.
  2. It Provides You More Of Our Time: Our wedding management packages start at least 60 days in advance, much further out than a month. We also provide access to a virtual office six months in advance of your wedding date, including access to our customized checklist to make sure nothing slips your mind! This extra time allows us to really get to know you and your vision for your wedding day, and make sure we’re on the same page. It also allows us extra time to fill any gaps we notice in our conversations.

Still have questions on what package is right for you? Send us an inquiry! We would love to connect and chat about your big day.

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