Why Should I Tip Wedding Vendors?

Today we are talking about a sticky subject – wedding tipping. As part of our services, we are often providing couples with customary gratuity guidelines and helping to disburse those gratuities on the night of the wedding. But why, you may wonder, do I need to tip vendors I’ve already paid? Well, this week we are diving into why we tip vendors and which vendor gratuities are optional.

Wedding tipping is customary for good reason – it is a way to show your appreciation for services rendered on one of the most important days of your life. And similar to other service-based experiences, gratuities are often given to those who have gone above and beyond to make your wedding day perfect. But how do you know they deserve a tip before you see their work product? Consider the full experience you have had with your vendors; their service begins from your inquiry email. Did they have multiple back-and-forths with you to get to your perfect end-state? Did they make you feel special and excited for your big day during your planning process? If yes, I include that in the bucket of exceptional service.

So which vendors should you be tipping? As a general rule of thumb, if the pro that will show up on your wedding day owns the business, a gratuity is optional but common. This means your photographer, videographer, DJ, or baker. For hair and makeup, transportation, and your catering team, gratuity is more often expected.

You may also consider getting some $5 or $10 bills for your coordinator to hand out to any delivery personnel. If you are going to be giving out gratuity and want to be extra gracious, ask your vendors if they are bringing any assistants, and add $20-50 for those team members.

While tipping is never required, it is a nice way to show your appreciation for a job well done. Stay tuned for another post about common gratuity amounts, and how we recommend handing them out!

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