Toasting to Tradition: The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Speeches

Picture this: you’re standing before a room filled with expectant faces, holding a microphone. It’s time for your wedding toast – the moment to honor the happy couple, imbue wisdom and good wishes, and leave a lasting impression, all in under 5 minutes No pressure, right?

Wedding speeches are an integral part of the celebration, adding a touch of emotion, laughter, and heartfelt sentiments to the joyous occasion. They are my personal favorite part of the night! So, let’s dive into the do’s and don’ts of crafting memorable wedding speeches that will make you the toast of the town.

The Do’s: Crafting Memorable Wedding Speeches

Know your audience:

  • It’s important to consider the diverse range of guests attending the wedding. Tailor your speech to cater to different age groups and backgrounds, ensuring everyone feels included and engaged. Here’s an easy pro tip: leave out the swears if it’s a kid-friendly event.

Start with gratitude and a personal touch:

  • Skip the “for those of you who don’t know me” line. Express your genuine gratitude to the couple for their love and friendship. Share personal anecdotes that highlight special moments or qualities of the couple, creating a heartfelt connection with the audience and with the couple. You not only get to skip the boring welcome, but you establish your credibility for making such an important toast.

Keep it concise and well-paced:

  • Brevity is key! Make sure your speech flows smoothly by practicing it beforehand. Avoid rambling and ensure each word carries weight, keeping your audience captivated from start to finish. 3-5 minutes is the perfect length of time. If you want to say something longer, might we suggest a rehearsal dinner toast instead?

Use humor wisely:

  • Humor is the secret ingredient in the wedding speech recipe. Light-hearted jokes and amusing stories can add a delightful touch to your speech. But remember, we’re aiming for chuckles and chortles, not cringes. Keep it tasteful and steer clear of jokes about the ex, or wild bachelorette stories, please.

Include heartfelt sentiments:

  • Pour your heart out! Express genuine emotions and share well-wishes for the couple’s future. Let your words touch the hearts of not only the couple but also every guest in the room. If you feel what you are saying, so will your audience.

The Don’ts: Steer Clear of Wedding Speech Faux Pas

Avoid inside jokes or embarrassing stories:

  • Inside jokes, naturally, exclude others. And if the involves too much of an explanation, it won’t be funny by the time you’re done. Keep it light, inclusive, and enjoyable for all.

Don’t make it all about you:

  • Remember, this is the couple’s moment to shine. Avoid excessive self-references or personal anecdotes that overshadow their beautiful love story. Keep the focus on the couple and their journey.

Steer clear of controversial topics:

  • Steer clear of controversial topics. We’re here to celebrate love, unity, and happiness, not ignite debates at the dinner table. Keep the speech a haven of positivity and uplifting vibes. We’ll leave the hot-button issues for Thanksgiving, shall we?

Don’t rely solely on clichés:

  • Be original! Personalize your speech to reflect your unique relationship with one of both members of the couple. Steer clear of overused phrases and generic clichés.

Keep it sober and appropriate:

  • While a little liquid courage may be tempting, remember, slurred words and stumbling sentences rarely make for a good speech. Keep the alcohol on standby until after you’ve delivered your speech.

So there you have it, the wedding speech etiquette that you’ve been searching for. If this left you with nothing but questions, we would be remiss not to point out that there are plenty of wedding speech writers that specialize in helping you write your own toast. Need a referral? Reach out! However, with these do’s and don’ts tucked safely in your pocket, you’re well-equipped to craft a memorable and impactful wedding speech that will be remembered for all the right reasons. Here’s to love, laughter, and a speech to remember!

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