Dress Up to Impress: Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Attire Etiquette

Walking into a wedding is like stepping onto a stage. You’re part of the audience, yes, but you’re also part of the performance. The way guests dress sets the tone for the celebration and shows respect for the couple’s special day. So how do you choose the perfect wedding attire? Let’s decode the dress code together.

Understanding the Dress Code

White Tie

The least common of modern wedding dress codes, if the invitation says “White Tie”, you know it’s going to be a grand affair. This is black-tie taken up a notch. For men, this means a tuxedo with tails, white vest and pants, preferably made of wool or silk. Ladies should reach for their finest floor-length gowns and jeweled accessories. (P.S. If you’re having a white-tie affair, please include us on the invite list!!)

Black Tie

This is the most common formal dress code. For men, it calls for a tuxedo, bow-tie and cummerbund or vest. Women can opt for an evening gown, cocktail dress or dressy separates—just make sure you keep it long and elegant!

Formal or Black Tie Optional

This is one of the most popular dress code styles post-pandemic, as people are itching for excellent parties. This gives guests the option of dressing formally, but it’s not required. Men can wear a tuxedo or a dark suit, while women can opt for a formal dress, a nice cocktail dress, or dressy separates.


This is an incredibly popular dress code style, particularly if you will be having an afternoon wedding ceremony. For a cocktail dress code, men should wear a suit and tie (preferably dark for evening weddings), while women can wear a cocktail dress or a dressy skirt and top.


Casual does not mean sloppy. Men can wear dress pants with a button-down shirt or polo, and women can wear a summer dress or a skirt or pants with a nice blouse.

Styling Tips

Remember, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. If you’re unsure about the dress code, ask the couple or other guests. Comfort is key too. Check the weather, bring appropriate outerwear, and leave your Louboutins at home if you will be walking over any grass.

Trending Now

Right now, we’re seeing a trend towards bold colors and prints, especially for summer weddings. For men, tailored suits in softer colors like blue or grey are trendy. Velvet bow ties and pocket squares add a touch of luxury.

We are also seeing a lot of specific color requests, such as all-black parties. If you receive an invitation asking you to wear a certain color, don’t be the guest that ruins the pictures because you don’t feel like complying.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Do consider the venue and time of day. A beach wedding calls for lighter fabrics and colors than a winter wedding in a grand ballroom. Don’t wear white, unless the couple specifically requests it. This color is traditionally reserved for the marriers.

Good luck!!

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